QHSE Strategy

Egypt Gas explicit its commitment to Health, Safety and Environment System in a form of a documented, approved and obligatory Strategy emphasizes on the following:

  • . Its obligation to apply all rules, regulations, laws and any other requirements that might apply to Egypt Gas Scope of Services regarding the field of Health, Safety and Environment.

  • . Identifying all risks that might result from Company’s Scope of Services, evaluate them and set all the possible means to control them, in order to eliminate injuries, job resulted diseases and prevent pollution that might affect the surrounding environment, through following the latest available technologies and the safest means in operations and maintenance and raising the levels of emergency procedures and precautions.

  • Eliminate all Risks, environmental pollution and natural resources attrition resulting from Company’s Scope of Services.

  • Studying work injuries, severe accidents, implement and follow up on accidents reporting system, which allows the analysis of total and partial losses the thing that provides the proper means to take all the required precautions to prevent its future occurrence.

  • Continuous improvement of QHSE systems.

  • Setting the general rules and regulations to revise the goals and programs of QHSE systems.

  • continuous upgrading of precautious conciseness and employees’ competence in QHSE field, through regular training programs.